Each year, more businesses need help working with local governments.

Can your firm help them?

Law and consulting firms are constantly trying to assist and show value to a wide variety of client interests. A client is not always aware of what will happen at the local government level that will impact them. Client Builder gives you the tools you need to add value to your client relations by sharing that information and giving you the opportunity to engage on behalf of your client to resolve any issues they face in front of city and county governments.

For just $2,500 annually, your team and your clients will be alerted about issues in any of the 67 counties and 316 cities we monitor in the state of Florida. Additionally, all of your clients will have access to your OW RSS feed at your website. It updates automatically and it's hassle free.

As a Client Builder customer, you will be able to provide this valuable information service to your clients

Here is how it works:

  1. We monitor 119 issue areas in all 67 counties and 316 cities in the state of Florida. When we find an issue on one of those agendas, we enter it into our archive and the information is filtered out to those subscribers whose account prefernces match that issue.
  2. We will work with you to design a firm branded OW issue page that will contain your contact information.
  3. We will set up an OW RSS feed for your website that contains a list of issues that are updated automatically when we enter new issues into our system. Your team and clients will be able to click the links in this list and view the issues within your association branded advisory page.
  4. We will provide you with a coupon code that you can distribute to your team and clients, allowing them to go directly to our website and tailor an advisory to their own interests.
  5. After your team and clients have registered, they will begin receiving email advisories as issues matching their interest criteria are entered into our system.

It is as easy as that!