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County: Lake   City: Groveland

Date Created: 04/12/23
Last updated:06/04/23

Groveland, FL to Consider an Ordinance Affecting Uses for Water Supply and Potable Wells
The Council will Consideration of Approval: Ordinance 2023-18: Amending the City of Groveland’s Land Development Code to include additional protections to the current and future water supply by prohibiting uses within various distances from a potable water well, also referred to as a Wellfield Protection Zone.

Issue History

06/04/23  The Council will hold second reading at the 6/05/23 meeting.

04/26/23  The Council will hold a second reading at the 5/01/23 meeting.

04/12/23  The Council will hold a first reading at the 4/17/23 meeting.

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