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County: Palm Beach   City: Riviera Beach

Date Created: 01/26/23
Last updated:01/26/23

Riviera Beach, FL to Consider an Ordinance Affecting Home Occupations
The Council will Consider Ordinance Number 4210: An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Riviera Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, amending City Code of Ordinances Chapter 31, Zoning, Article I, In General, Section 31-1, Definitions, in order to add definitions for “Affected area”; “Affordable, attainable, workforce, and market rate housing”; “Auto broker”; “Contractor storage yard”; “Health club”; “Private school”; “Screen enclosure”; “Screen room”; “Slope”; “Town house”; and “Veterinarian”; and revise the definitions for “home occupations” and “Private passenger vehicle”; providing for purpose, conflicts, severability and codification; and providing for an effective date.

Issue History

01/26/23  The Council will hold a second reading at the 2/01/23 meeting.

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