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County: Miami-Dade   City: Miami Beach

Date Created: 06/22/22
Last updated:07/06/22

Miami Beach, FL to Hold First Reading of Ordinance Setting Mobility Fees
Chapter 122 of the Land Development Regulations (LDR’s) sets forth mobility fees, which are assessed on new development or changes of use that increase the transportation impact of development. Section 122-24 establishes the mobility fee rates and the proposed Ordinance would move the fees from this section of the LDR’s to the fee schedule in Appendix A. This will improve fee transparency as the mobility fees would all be located within the same Code section. Additionally, the annual process of updating the fees pursuant to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) would be standardized in Appendix A. The mobility fees are currently subject to annual updates pursuant to the CPI and under the existing regulations this update is set on a different schedule from the remainder of fees. While the proposed Ordinance may give the appearance of a fee increase, it does not modify the current mobility fees. The fees currently codified are those that were originally adopted in 2019, and they have only changed on an annual basis pursuant to the CPI, as required by section 122-24. However, these increases pursuant to the CPI have not been reflected in section 122-24, and the proposed Ordinance will update the codified fees to those currently in effect. Moving forward the codified fees will remain up to date when Appendix A undergoes an annual CPI updating process. The Ordinance also proposes an update to the courier fee that is assessed on land use board applications; this fee covers the cost of delivering packages to land use board members. The proposal increases the courier fee from $10.00 per package to $15.00 per package. Over the last year, the average cost of couriering each package, which contains multiple applications and exhibits, to land use board members has increased from approximately $28.00 per package to $36.00 per package. As a result, the costs to the Planning Department have increased significantly. This fee modification is intended to cover these costs, as well as provide a framework, moving forward, that will better reflect CPI updates.

Issue History

07/06/22  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 7/8/22 meeting. The item was not reached at the 6/22/22 meeting.

06/22/22  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 6/22/22 meeting.

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