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County: Alachua   City: Gainesville

Date Created: 01/31/23
Last updated:02/28/23

Gainesville, FL to Consider an Ordinance Amending the Residential Rental Unit Program
The Commission will Consider Ordinance No. 2023-70: An ordinance of the City of Gainesville, Florida, amending the Residential Rental Unit Permits program by amending Section 2-339 – Applicable Codes and Ordinances and by amending Chapter 14.5, Article I titled “Residential Rental Unit Permits”; providing directions to the codifier; providing a severability clause; providing a repealing clause; and providing an effective date.

Issue History

02/28/23  The Commission will hold a second reading at the 3/02/23 meeting.

02/13/23  The Commission will hold first reading at the 2/16/23 meeting.

01/31/23  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 2/02/23 meeting.

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Lobbying Information
Require lobbyist registration? Yes
Lobbyist registration fee? $0
Additional information: The City of Gainesville Lobbying Ordinance requires registration of all lobbyists who engage in efforts to influence the Mayor or City Commissioners or Board members of the CRA on matters within Commission or CRA jurisdiction. Prior to engaging in lobbying, each lobbyist will be required to file with the Clerk of the Commission a registration statement which contains general identification information as to the lobbyist and their client(s). The Lobbyist Registration form is available here.