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Date Created: 11/17/22
Last updated: 11/17/22

City: Boca Raton
Boca Raton, FL to Consider an Ordinance Affecting Yard Setbacks and Encroachments
The Council will Consider Ordinance No. 5636 An ordinance of the City of Boca Raton amending Chapter 28, “Zoning,” Code of Ordinances,relating to required yards (setbacks), encroachments, and accessory buildings and structures;amending Article IX, “Single-Family Residential Districts,” and Article XV, Division 3,“Encroachments,” to set forth the applicable regulations with regard to required yards(setbacks), encroachments, and accessory buildings and structures in residential districts;amending, reorganizing and/or restating provisions of Chapter 28, “Zoning,” with regard torequired yards (setbacks), encroachments, and accessory buildings and structures, for clarityand improved organization; providing for severability; providing for repealer; providing forcodification; providing an effective date (AM-21-10)

Issue History
11/17/22 The Council will introduce the ordinance at the 11/22/22 meeting.

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