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Date Created: 10/11/21
Last updated: 10/11/21

City: Titusville
Titusville, FL to Consider an Ordinance Regulating Low Impact Development
The Council will Consider Ordinance No. 30-2021 - Low Impact Development (LID) - Conduct the first reading of Ordinance No. 30-2021 amending the Code of Ordinances to adopt Low Impact Development Standards, amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards” by amending Sections 30-8 “Technical manuals”, 30-163 “Open space standards”, 30-278 “Satellite parking”, 30-324. “Landscape”, and 30-337 “Permitted uses within the landscape buffer yard”; Amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards” by creating Article V. “Low Impact Development” to include Sections 30-421 “Intent” and 30-422 “LID analysis”; amending Chapter 34 “Procedures” by amending Section 34-306. “Administrative waiver of setback requirements”; amending the “Development Review Procedures Manual” by amending Section 3.4 “Applications to be processed expeditiously”; amending The “Stormwater Management Technical Manual” Section 7.4 “Stormwater management design criteria”; amending The “Transportation Infrastructure Technical Manual” by amending Sections 9.7, 9.16.4, 9.16.8,, and 9.19.3 to enable specific LID Incentives; creating “The Low Impact Development Technical Manual” by adding Sections 11.1 “Intent”, 11.2 “Goals of low impact development”, 11.3 “Low impact development plan”, 11.4 “Operations and maintenance (O&M) documents”, 11.5 “Low impact development (LID) best management practice (BMP) list”, 11.6 “Low impact development incentives matrix”, and 11.7 “Minimum parking requirements for development utilizing low impact development”; providing for severability, repeal of conflicting ordinances, an effective date, and incorporation into the code. (The second and final public hearing is scheduled to be conducted by City Council on October 26, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.)

Issue History
10/11/21 The Council will hold first reading at the 10/12/21 meeting.

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