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County: Indian River   City: Vero Beach

Date Created: 06/04/23
Last updated:06/04/23

Vero Beach, FL to Consider Ordinance Affecting Solid Waste Fees
The Council will Consider An Ordinance of the City of Vero Beach, Florida, Amending Article I, Section 66-2,”Solid Waste Collection Service”; Amending 66-7, “Director of Solid Waste; Supervision, Rules and Regulations”; Appeal from Regulations; Amending Section 66-10, “Fees” of Chapter 66, Solid Waste, of the Code of the City of Vero Beach; Revising Rates, Fees and Charges for the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste and Recyclable Material and Sale of Items used for Collection Purposes; Repealing Resolution 2020-26; Providing for Codification; Providing for Conflict and Severability; Providing for the Correction of Scrivener’s Errors; and Providing for an Effective Date.

Issue History

06/04/23  The Council will hold public hearing at the 6/20/23 meeting

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