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County: Monroe   City: Key West

Date Created: 06/04/23
Last updated:07/11/23

Key West, FL to Consider Ordinance Affecting Regulations for Landlord/Tenant Relationships
The Commission will Consider An Ordinance of the City of Key West, Florida, amending Chapter 18 of the Code of Ordinances, entitled "Businesses", by repealing Article XIV, entitled "Residential Tenancies" by repealing Section 18-710 and 18-711 due to the passage of House Bill 1417 preempting local regulations of landlord/tenant relationships; Providing for an effective date.

Issue History

07/11/23  The Commission will hold a second reading at the 7/13/23 meeting.

06/04/23  The Commission will hold first reading at the 6/08/23 meeting.

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