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County: Brevard   City: Satellite Beach

Date Created: 05/13/23
Last updated:06/04/23

Satellite Beach, FL to Consider Ordinance Revising Certain Site Plan Requirements
Currently, Section 30-419(a)(2) of the City Code states that a site plan meeting the requirements of this chapter, shall be submitted. The requirements for the site plan currently referenced in the code are above what would be required to evaluate the criteria identified for consideration in the approval of a conditional use permit. Ordinance No. 1235 revises the requirement to be consistent with the evaluation criteria as identified in the code section, in particular Section 30-419(b) which identifies criteria for approval for a conditional use permit application.

Issue History

06/04/23  The Council will hold second reading at the 6/07/23 meeting

05/13/23  The Council will hold a first reading at the 5/17/23 meeting

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