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County: Levy   City: Williston

Date Created: 05/12/23
Last updated:06/05/23

Williston, FL to Consider Ordinance Affecting Minimum Lot & Yard Requirements
The proposed text amendment is a staff initiated update to the City of Williston's Code of Ordinances. Staff initiates these updates when trends begin to change and it becomes apparent that the City's current Code is no longer adequate This Ordinance specifically changes the lot sizes and yard requirements for duplexes and townhomes. These changes will only apply to the Residential Multi-Family and Residential Duplex Zoning where duplexes and townhomes are already allowed.

Issue History

06/05/23  The Council will hold second reading at the 6/06/23 meeting.

05/12/23  The Council will hold a first reading at the 5/16/23 meeting.

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