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County: Clay   City: Green Cove Springs

Date Created: 05/12/23
Last updated:06/16/23

Green Cove Springs, FL to Consider Amending the Transportation Mobility Fee Ordinance
At present, the City manages traditional transportation concurrency carried out through traffic impact analyses. Development applicants generating 40 or more net new peak hour trips must complete a traffic study to determine the impact of their development on area roadways and identify improvements necessary to mitigate that impact. Traffic studies, on average, take approximately six months to complete, which can slow the process of development approval and may prove to be a hindrance to medium-sized development. While this system does intend to support multimodality, the mitigation generally supports vehicles more than other modes of transportation and generally, due to the proportional share requirements, the necessary funding to enact needed improvements is not provided. In order to continue to manage the impacts of development and move toward a more multimodal transportation system, the City has hired Gannett Fleming to conduct a transportation mobility study to define the need for additional transportation investment, specifically multimodal, document the standards of service and rational for additional capacity and ensure that there is a rational nexus between the payees of the mobility fee and the beneficiaries. The plan was brought to the Planning and Zoning Commission at the February, 2023 meeting. In addition in order to ensure that any change to the Concurrency Management requirements are consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, staff has proposed policy amendments to the Comprehensive Plan which was transmitted to the state after Council approval on April 4, 2023. The final step in creating a mobility fee is to adopt an Ordinance amendment to the City’s Concurrency Management Chapter whereby we would remove the traditional concurrency requirements with a mobility fee payment for new and expanding development projects. The Mobility Fee Ordinance consists of revisions to the existing Concurrency Management Requirements and the additions of Division 1. Mobility Fee Ordinance and sections 105-7 to 105-31.

Issue History

06/16/23  The Commission will hold second reading at the 6/20/23 meeting.

06/05/23  The Commission will hold second reading at the 6/06/23 meeting.

05/12/23  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 5/16/23 meeting.

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