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County: Miami-Dade   City: Key Biscayne

Date Created: 05/05/23
Last updated:06/04/23

Key Biscayne, FL to Consider Ordinance Affecting Business Tax Rates
The Council will consider an ordinance increasing the business tax receipt schedule of rates.

Issue History

06/04/23  The Council will hold second reading at the 6/06/23 meeting

05/05/23  The Council will hold first reading at the 5/09/23 meeting.

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Lobbying Information
Require lobbyist registration? Yes
Lobbyist registration fee? $200
Additional information: As pursuant to Article 9, Chapter 2 of the Code of Key Biscayne, the Village of Key Biscayne follows the provisions of Section 2-11.1(s) "Lobbying," of the Miami-Dade County Code, which requires all lobbyists to register with the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners within five (5) business days of being retained as a lobbyist or before engaging in any lobbying activities, whichever shall come first. The fee payable to the Village for registration of each lobbyist for the representation of each principal of the lobbyist shall be $100.00 (per principal represented), and the fee payable to Village for annual lobbyist registration for each lobbyist shall be $200.00. More information on the County Ordinance is available here.