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County: Palm Beach   City: Greenacres

Date Created: 02/02/23
Last updated:02/02/23

Greenacres, FL to Consider Ordinance Affecting Property Maintenance Code
The Council will Consider Ordinance 2022-37: Amending Chapter 4 "Buildings and Building Regulations," Article 1 "in General," by deleting Section 4-4, "Greenacres Property Maintenance Code," and creating a new Chapter 7 Article 8 to be entitled "Greenacres Property Maintenance Code," and amending provisions of the Greenacres Property Maintenance Code; providing for severability, conflicts, codification and an effective date. - Caryn Gardner- Young, Zoning Administrator.

Issue History

02/02/23  The Council will consider the ordinance at the 2/06/23 meeting.

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