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County: Palm Beach   City: Riviera Beach

Date Created: 01/26/23
Last updated:01/26/23

Riviera Beach, FL to Consider an Ordinance Affecting Use Regulations
The Council will Consider Ordinance Number 4209: An Ordinance of the City Council of the City Of Riviera Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, amending City Code of Ordinances Chapter 31, Zoning, Article V, District Regulations, Division 17, IL Limited Industrial District, Section 31-362, Use Regulations, In order to change Contractor Storage Yard to a special exception use; add Private Schools, Health Clubs, Indoor Rock Climbing Walls, and Similar Uses, Veterinarian Office or Animal Medical Clinic, Auto Broker, Truck Parking with associated warehouse building, Truck or Bus Parking as the Primary Use, Indoor Or Outdoor Amusement/Recreational Uses, and Grocery Store as special exception uses; providing for purpose, conflicts, severability and codification; and providing for an effective date.

Issue History

01/26/23  The Council will hold a second reading at the 2/01/23 meeting.

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