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County: Broward

Date Created: 01/13/23
Last updated:01/27/23

Broward County, FL to Consider an Ordinance Affecting Minimum Housing Standards
The Commission will consider an ordinance pertaining to minimum housing standards and amending various sections of housing code.

Issue History

01/27/23  The Commission will hold a public hearing at the 2/07/23 meeting.

01/13/23  The Commission will consider the ordinance at the 1/24/23 meeting.

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Lobbying Information
Require lobbyist registration? Yes
Lobbyist registration fee? $50
Additional information: You need to have an AccessBROWARD account to register as a Lobbyist. Register online at Broward County’s Online Registration Website and select New Registration. Pay the Fifty Dollar ($50) registration fee for each employer on whose behalf you registered to lobby. Please make checks payable to Broward County Board of County Commissioners. click here to visit the County lobbying page for more information and registration links.