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County: Sarasota   City: Venice

Date Created: 06/24/22
Last updated:07/08/22

Venice, FL to Hold Final Reading of an Ordinance Affecting Nighttime Vehicles in Parks
The Council will consider An Ordinance of the City of Venice, Florida, Amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 46, Parks and Recreation, Article III, Conduct in Parks, Section 46-62, General Rules and Regulations for All Parks, Beaches and Recreational Areas, and Section 46-66, Certain Parks Closed to Vehicles During Nighttime Hours; Providing for Repeal of All Ordinances in Conflict Herewith; Providing for Severability and Providing an Effective Date

Issue History

07/08/22  The Council will hold a final reading at the 7/12/22 meeting.

06/24/22  The Council will hold a first reading at the 6/28/22 meeting.

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