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County: Sarasota   City: Venice

Date Created: 06/24/22
Last updated:07/08/22

Venice, FL to Hold Final Reading of an Ordinance Adopting Land Development Regulation Amendments
The Council will Consider An Ordinance of the City of Venice, Florida, Adopting By Reference the Amended and Restated Land Development Regulations for the City of Venice; Providing for Purpose and Intent; Providing Findings; Adopting by Reference the Following; Chapter 87, Chapter 88, Chapter 89, and the City of Venice Zoning Map; Providing for Codification; Providing for Applicability; Providing for Severability; and Providing an Effective Date

Issue History

07/08/22  The Council will hold a final reading at the 7/12/22 meeting.

06/24/22  The Council will hold a first reading at the 6/28/22 meeting.

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