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County: Sarasota   City: Sarasota

Date Created: 06/23/22
Last updated:07/14/22

Sarasota, FL to Consider an Ordinance Affecting Accessory Dwelling Unit Uses
The Commission will Hold a Public Hearing Re: Proposed Ordinance No. 22-5421, amending the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Sarasota [The Sarasota City Plan (2030)], Future Land Use Chapter, to clarify that accessory dwelling units are to be considered secondary uses in the identified Residential Land Use Classifications; repealing ordinances in conflict; providing for severability of the parts hereof, etc. (Title Only)(Application No. 22-PA-01, Applicant: the City of Sarasota)

Issue History

07/14/22  The Commission will hold a second reading at the 7/18/22 meeting.

06/23/22  The Commission will hold a public hearing at the 7/05/22 meeting.

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