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County: Walton

Date Created: 06/23/22
Last updated:07/22/22

Walton County, FL to Consider Ordinance Creating Regulatory Program for Short Term Rentals
The Commission will Discuss Consideration of an ordinance amending Chapters 1, 2, 5, and 9 of the Walton County Land Development Code establishing regulations and creating a new regulatory program related to short term vacation rental units within unincorporated Walton County. The proposed amendment: creates a required host registration and compliance program; provides for onsite parking requirements at a rate of one onsite parking space per 600 square feet of living area; establishes certain life safety related requirements; establishes enhanced review of larger units including building and design standards aimed at neighborhood compatibility; and includes other regulations and requirements.

Issue History

07/22/22  The Commission will hold second reading at the 7/26/22 meeting.

06/23/22  The Commission will consider the item at the 6/27/22 meeting.

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