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County: Palm Beach   City: Palm Springs

Date Created: 03/14/19
Last updated:03/14/19

Palm Springs, FL to Consider Ordinance Affecting Utility Refunds
The Council will hold a first reading of ordinance 2019-03. The purpose of the proposed utilities regulations amendments are to 1) clarify the threshold of approval for refunds to water and sewer accounts, aligning the threshold limits to those in the purchasing ordinance and 2) clarify potentially ambiguous language and to require the proper abandonment of onsite septic tanks, cesspools, and similar private sewage disposal facilities after connection to the Village wastewater collection system in accordance with Florida Administrative Code Section 64E-6.011. This includes obtaining all applicable permits from the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County and other appropriate agencies and pumping the septic tank dry, opening or rupturing the bottom so as to prevent the retainage of water, and filling the tank to the rim with clean sand or other suitable fill material or excavating and disposing of the tank and properly backfilling.

Issue History

03/14/19  The Council will hold a first reading at the 3/14/19 meeting.

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