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County: Gadsden   City: Quincy

Date Created: 02/12/19
Last updated:03/11/19

Quincy, FL To Hold Second Reading of an Ordinance Zeroing Out Impact Fees
The Commission will hold a second reading of ordinance 1104-2019. This agenda item is a follow-up to the directive from the Commission’s regular meeting of July 24, 2018. At that time the Commission voted to reduce certain fees associated primarily with commercial development to reduce the costs of development in the City of Quincy. Subsequently, on August 14, 2018, the Commission adopted Resolution No. 1374-2018, which approved changes to the fee schedule to significantly reduce the fees charged for commercial development. Also at the meeting of July 24, 2018, the commission voted to stop charging impact fees. Ordinance No. 1104-2019 attached hereto as Attachment “A” will formally accomplish this by zeroing out such fees in the impact fee tables

Issue History

03/11/19  The Commission will hold a second reading at the 3/12/19 meeting.

02/12/19  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 2/12/19 meeting.

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