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County: Brevard   City: Cocoa Beach

Date Created: 02/07/19
Last updated:03/07/19

Cocoa Beach, FL to Consider Land Development Code Language Changes
The Commission will hold a second reading of Ordinance No. 1627 –An ordinance of the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida, amending Appendix B of the Cocoa Beach Code of Ordinances, “Cocoa Beach Land Development Code (LDC);” amending Article IV, “rules for construction” and article VIII, “boards” within Chapter I, “Purpose and General Provisions;” amending Article IV, “Establishment of Overlay and Planned Development Districts” within Chapter II, “Zoning Districts,” amending Article I, “Application Requirements and Submittals” and Article V, “Landscaping” within Chapter III, “Design Standards,” adding Article II, “Access Management,” Article III”, “Development and Construction,” Article IV, “Standards for Operations,” Article VII, “Sanitary Sewer,” and Article VIII, “Wireless Communication Facilities” within Chapter III, “Design Standards;” deleting Article II, “Schedule of Lot Dimensional Design Standards,” Article III, “Off-Street Parking and Loading,” Article IV, “Access Management,” Article VI, “Supplemental Design Standards,” Article VII, “Stormwater Management and Erosion and Sediment Control,” Article VIII, “Sanitary Sewer,” Article IX, “Miscellaneous Design Standards and Regulations,” Article X, “Dune Crossovers,” and Article XI, “Outdoor Lighting and Road Glare” within Chapter III, “Design Standards;” amending Article I, “Site Plan Application Procedures” within Chapter IV, “Application and Review Processes;” adding Chapter VII, “Stormwater Management and Flood Control;” deleting Appendix C “Flood Damage Prevention Code” within the LDC; incorporating recitals; and providing for codification, conflicts, severability; and effective date. Staff Representatives: Randy Stevenson, Director of Development Services, Recommendation: Adopt on Final Reading

Issue History

03/07/19  The Commission will continue second reading at the 3/07/19 meeting.

02/21/19  The Commission will hold a second and final reading at the 2/21/19 meeting.

02/07/19  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 2/07/19 meeting.

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