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County: Alachua   City: Gainesville

Date Created: 02/04/19
Last updated:02/21/19

Gainesville, FL to Consider Amending Urban Standards in the Land Development Code
The Commission will hold a second reading of An ordinance of the City of Gainesville, Florida, amending the Land Development Code (Chapter 30 of the City of Gainesville Code of Ordinances) relating to urban development standards; by amending definitions in Section 30-2.1; by amending Section 30-3.49 to clarify the review and approval of master plans; by amending Section 30-3.56 to clarify the selection of hearing officers; by amending Section 30-4.3 relating to parcels divided by district boundaries; by amending Section 30-4.8 to eliminate a provision on rounding the calculation for maximum bedrooms limit; by amending Section 30-4.13 to eliminate a first floor elevation standard for buildings within the transect zoning districts; by amending Section 30-4.15 to add a standard for active ground-floor uses in buildings with ground-floor parking on local streets; by amending Section 30-4.20 to correct a scriveners error regarding the bonus height limit for buildings within the Office (OF) zoning district; by amending Section 30-4.24 to make building height limits within the Medical Services (MD) zoning district consistent with the Comprehensive Plan; by amending Section 30-5.37 to correct scriveners errors relating to home occupation permits; by amending Section 30-5.40 relating to form standards for outdoor cafes; by amending Section 30-5.44 relating to form standards for sidewalk cafes; by amending Section 30-7.7 to add regulations to residential parking during University of Florida events; by amending Section 30-8.3 to correct an outdated reference to the Gainesville Regional Airport master plan; by amending Section 30-8.29 to correct a scriveners error relating to floodplain inspections; by amending Section 30-9.2 to clarify the applicability of the sign code; providing directions to the codifier; providing a severability clause; providing a repealing clause; and providing an effective date.

Issue History

02/21/19  The Commission will hold a second reading at the 2/21/19 meeting.

02/04/19  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 2/07/19 meeting.

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