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County: Palm Beach

Date Created: 02/01/19
Last updated:02/01/19

Palm Beach County, FL to Motion to Approve Preliminary Reading of Ordinance Amending Fire Prevention Code
The Commission will consider an ordinance amending Section 12-57 of the Palm Beach County Code, Table 1.3.8 Schedule of Fire Inspections of the Palm Beach County Local Amendments to the Florida Fire Prevention Code; revising the inspection schedule for certain apartments; providing for legislative findings; providing for applicability; providing for repeal of laws in conflict; providing for severability; providing for enforcement; providing for inclusion in the Code; and providing for an effective date. SUMMARY: Pursuant to Chapter 633, Florida Statutes, the State Fire Marshal has adopted Rule Chapter 69A-60, Florida Administrative Code, an updated statewide minimum firesafety code known as the Florida Fire Prevention Code, which incorporates Florida editions of NFPA 1 Fire Code and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. On December 19, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the Palm Beach County Local Amendments to the Florida Fire Prevention Code (Local Amendments), which are set forth in Chapter 12, Article IV, Sections 12-56 and 12-57 of the Palm Beach County Code (codifying Ordinance 2017-043). Palm Beach County Fire Rescue desires to revise the Local Amendments to modify the inspection schedule for certain apartments to provide annual inspections which will enhance public safety, improve our ISO PPC rating, and improve homeowners’ insurance rates in the future for residents within Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s jurisdiction

Issue History

02/01/19  The Commission will consider the item at the 2/05/19 meeting.

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