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County: Manatee   City: Long Boat Key

Date Created: 01/31/19
Last updated:02/28/19

Longboat Key, FL to Hold Second Reading of an Ordinance Allowing Temporary Real Estate Sales Offices
The Commission will consider A Proposed Revision to Allow for On-Site Real Estate Sales Offices to be Allowed as a Temporary Use, Prior to Obtaining a Building Permit At their January 15, 2019 Regular Meeting the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Board held discussion and public hearing and recommended approval (6-0) of Ordinance 2019-02 and forwarded it to the February 4, 2019 Town Commission Regular Meeting for first reading and public hearing. At that meeting the P&Z Board recommended revised criteria for the Ordinance, which have been incorporated into the materials for first reading at the February 4, 2019 Regular Meeting. The Ordinance would amend Chapter 158.142, and 150.19 to provide for temporary use and structures (a temporary use permit would be required) in the form of on-site sales offices for promotion of residential dwelling units, prior to receiving a building permit, as is presently required. Recommended Action: Forward Ordinance 2019-02 to the March 4, 2019 Regular Meeting for second reading, public hearing and adoption.

Issue History

02/28/19  the Commission will hold a second reading at the 3/04/19 meeting.

01/31/19  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 2/04/19 meeting.

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