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County: Lake   City: Umatilla

Date Created: 12/18/18
Last updated:02/05/19

Umatilla, FL to Hold Second Reading of Fertilizer Ordinance
The Council will hold a discussion about a fertilizer ordinance. At a recent Lake County League of Cities luncheon a program was presented on the county’s adoption of an enhanced fertilizer ordinance which changed to their Land Development Regulations pertaining to fertilizers. Changes included:  Phosphorous & Nitrogen Summer Application Ban which bans application of phosphorous & nitrogen from June through September to address increased runoff potential during the rainy season  Increasing the application setback from water bodies from 10’ to 15’ to provide additional buffer for fertilizer runoff and a voluntary low maintenance zone extended to 15’  Slow release Nitrogen content requirement for 50% slow release content to address leaching potential The city adopted Florida Friendly Landscaping requirements some years back. The revision by the county has applied more stringent requirements.

Issue History

02/05/19  The Council will hold a second reading at the 2/05/19 meeting.

01/15/19  The Council will hold a first reading at the 1/15/19 meeting.

12/18/18  The Council will discuss the item at the 12/18/18 meeting.

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