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County: Manatee   City: Long Boat Key

Date Created: 11/13/18
Last updated:01/31/19

Longboat Key, FL To Hold Second Reading & Public Hearing Of An Ordinance Regarding Reconstruction Of Nonconforming Properties
The Commission will hold a public hearing & second reading of Ordinance 2018-20. Background: At their September 18, 2018 Regular Meeting the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Board recommended approval of Ordinance 2018-20 with revisions. The Ordinance amends Chapter 158 to provide for reconstruction of historically nonconforming properties, as well as creating a new floating overlay zone district within the Town that allows nonconforming properties to seek rezoning to this newly created district to obtain a conforming status. The Town Commission had preliminary discussion on Ordinance 2018-20 at the November 5, 2018 Regular Meeting and forwarded it to the November 13, 2018 Regular Workshop Meeting for more in-depth discussion. Recommended Action: Forward Ordinance 2018-20 to the December 3, 2018 Regular Meeting for first reading and public hearing.

Issue History

01/31/19  The Commission will hold a second reading at the 2/04/19 meeting.

01/03/19  The Commission will hold a 1st reading & public hearing at the 1/07/19 meeting.

12/07/18  The Commission will forward the ordinance from the December 10, 2018 meeting to the January 7, 2019 meeting for first reading & public hearing.

11/13/18  The Commission will hold a discussion at the 11/13/18 meeting. The first reading & public hearing will take place on December 3rd, 2018.

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