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County: Palm Beach   City: Belle Glade

Date Created: 09/14/18
Last updated:03/15/19

Belle Glade, FL To Consider Prohibition Of Truck Traffic On Certain City Streets
The Commission will consider an ordinance to address the regulation of commercial vehicles by amending section 27-10 "loaded field trucks prohibited on certain streets". Our current Code provides limitations/restrictions on loaded field trucks, having six or more bearing wheels, on certain city streets. The proposed Ordinance, attached, will replace existing language of "Loaded field trucks" with "No through truck zones", which includes a definitive definition of a heavy truck transporting property that has three or more axles, including, if attached, a trailer, or should the truck's gross weight be in excess of 8,000 pounds, including load and trailer. Furthermore, this Ordinance, if accepted, will enhance the safety of pedestrians and bicyclers and the reduction of noise, pollution, and excessive wear and tear on S.E. Avenue G, along with previously identified areas. There are exceptions in the proposed Ordinance, being: heavy truck deliverying or providing service to an area that would be inaccessible otherwise; to reach the driver's personal residence; public service or government-owned vehicles; and emergency vehicles. Staff recommends approval of this Ordinance.

Issue History

03/15/19  The Commission will hold a final reading at the 3/18/19 meeting.

12/14/18  The Commission will consider the ordinance at the 12/17/18 meeting.

09/14/18  The Commission will hold a first reading at the 9/17/18 meeting.

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