Local Government Update

County: Miami-Dade   City: Miami

Date Created: 01/11/17
Last updated:03/22/17

Miami, FL to hold second reading of Ordinance regarding procedures for the Trimming, Pruning, or Removal of Trees
The City Commission will consider an ordinance amending chapter 17 of the code of the city of Miami, Florida, as amended, entitled "environmental preservation", to clarify procedures for the trimming, pruning, or removal of trees in the city of Miami.

Issue History

03/22/17  The City Commission will hold a second reading at the 3/23/17 meeting. Click here for background information (see 3/23/17 “Agenda Packet” link).

02/08/17  The City Commission will continue the first reading at the 2/9/17 meeting. Click here for background information (see 2/9/17 “Agenda Packet” link).

01/11/17  The City Commission will hold a first reading at the 1/12/17 meeting. Click here for background information (see 1/12/17 “Agenda Packet” link).

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